The Midnight Call

The Midnight Call

The sun has risen,
And so it sets…
But what do you have to show for it?

Could you cross your heart,
And say with all honesty,
That you’ve lived the entire day,
Like it’s the last you’d ever see?

Blue blends in the sky,
Like paint dripping from a canvas,
While orange glows, the horizon,
Palm trees speak their secret language

The sky fades to a deeper blue,
Bright stars sprinkle all above.
Moonlight is showered everywhere,
Who speaks the language of love?

Wind breathes heavy sighs,
Midnight critters call out to their mates,
Nature plays a Symphony of crackle and whoosh,
Somewhere a lonely bird’s heart aches.

A beautiful thing is at work,
Every time night is approaching,
But childhood is dead. And so is the dream.
Cause you told your kid to spend the night studying.

– Arjun H. Chopra


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