This photograph of yours
Is all I have
And it’s all I’ll ever want
For it is more than I bargained for

Like a deep sea diver
You’ve broken through the surface
Of my being.
The ripples won’t fade away

Our consciousness brushes against each other
It’s ethereal
Our gazes meet each other from across the room
It feels like we’re half a world away

It could have been a day at the beach
Or a midnight stroll
But for the life of me
I can’t remember

And it doesn’t bother me
For the memory of you
Is etched in my mind
And that’s all I need

This song the band played, when I met your gaze
Is all I have
And all I’ll ever want
For it’s much more than I bargained for.




The flick of an arrow
Snuffs the touch of flame


And I watch
Do nothing

But watch

Fists shatter against concrete
Pipes embrace flesh


Back to the start
Dripping sideways


I watch helplessly.

Do nothing

Absolutely nothing

But watch
As time plays muse

Telling things unknown


Change has come
It’s not here to stay

For change, changes

It won’t be the same

Cause time

Chases me..chases me..chases me

Through the undergrowth
Below the sparkling river

High above the midnight clouds

The way to me

Is hard to find

For this moment. Right now
I am evolving