A demented whisper
Tugs upon your sleeve
To gaze into the unknown
To gaze into the awe

Unleashing your fear
Fire burning in your bones
You flex your mind
Like you would a muscle

In control of everything
Watching the world in front of you
You realise you were living a lie
You realise you were ignorant

But it all didn’t matter
For you were in awe of the universe
Time ceased to matter
You’ve spent your life being its slave

Armoured with the love
Of  people infinite
You feel no worry
You’ve seen the light

You are the light
You are the energy
You are the beginning and the end
You are more than you thought you were

You are awake


The Road To Awe


This fire burns
A fever rising in my limbs
This fire grows
I resist the pain

Show me the truth
For I do not believe it
I reject it
I cannot accept it

Show me the road
For the one I walk on
Has no end
It runs in circles

Show me the light

Show me a way to accept the truth

For if this is the truth. Everything I know is wrong

Show me a way to you

Show me the road to awe.



A call from the other side
Awakes her from her trance
Holding on to herself
Taking a step back

Breathing in the sunshine
And letting it fill her insides
A stain upon her soul
A burden that needs to be carried

The scent of salty water
Warmth of sand between her toes
With a weathered eye upon the horizon
She watches

This Goddess
Has eyes only for the sea
Given up her spirit to the water
It pulls her closer and closer

The Tranquillity provided here
Gives her a surreal release
Her thoughts, pregnant
With belief

Bathing herself in moonlight
With the never-ending wind for company
To the rhythmic beat of the foamy waves
She dances

Trust Me


That moment
When everything is pristine clear
The fog doesn’t exist anymore
But mist surrounds your heart

That moment

You let go of her hand
And silence follows
Deafening colors blurring your vision
Closing them to shut them out

Standing by the window
The touch of the rustic railing
Feels more real than emotions ever will
The wind on your face keeping you awake

What keeps you up all night
How do you run away from your thoughts
When you’re sleeping.
When you have no where to go but in the crevices of your head

A happy place.

Standing by the window
The touch of her soft skin
Feels more real than it ever did in reality
The wind on your face making you drowsy

A beautiful lie

A half truth
This world is ugly enough
Our mind should be a sanctuary
Of love divine

Everything is painted black & white
Except the mist, grey
Your heart fogged
And everything pristine clear

Like a red rose blossoming
In your heart
You hear a whisper say:

“Trust me”

My Rendition Of Harry Potter: Chapter 1 – Ciggy To Jiggy


I’ll tell you a story
A story of lust, power, incest and magic.
The story of Harry Potter.
(Dum dum duuuuuuuum)
A long time ago…outside a suburban house in Privet Drive, a cat stood against a wall in the dark of the night. The peculiar thing about the cat was that it had these markings around it’s eyes.
Super weird homie.
I mean, which kind of cat has muderfuckin’ markings around their eyes?! Then out of nothing, this even more weirder dude conjures up. He’s tall, ancient and has a crooked nose.
He’s Dumbledore, mudafuckas!
Run and hide, cause Dumbledore’s in the house.
Then Alby flips out a lighter, and tells the cat (which is actually now a woman) that he wants to have a quick ciggy before they jiggy. And Minerva (aka Cat) is all cool and shit cause she knows this is the way Alby rolls. Then Alby’s like, “Jk, Imma just remove all the streetlights so we both can get frisky.” Then Alby’s like, “El-O-El, double jk, I just don’t want people to think we’re bat shit crazy cause of the weirdass clothes we’re wearing.
Minerva’s like, “What about the child, where he at?” Alby’s like, “Chill your ancient titties, I got mah hommie Hagrid taking care of that shit.” Minerva freaks the fuck out, “What the flying fuck, you sure you can trust that nigga?!” Alby looks deep into Minerva’s eyes and says in all seriousness, “Hommie, I can trust my entire weed stash with that nigga.”
And thats that
“Althought, that bro is kinda late ” Alby remaks. And just like that, that very second..some gigantic thing is flying towards them on an airborne motorcycle. The motorcycle lands and Dumby’s all like, “You mad bro, look at the time!” And Haggy doesn’t even twitch, he goes off on a different tangent and says, “On the way here, Harry was shufflin’ while we crossed some ocean”
No shit bro.
Dumby’s getting pretty agitated. “Yo bro, I gotta bounce soon man, lets get this shit done?” So they all walk towards the house of the Dursleys. The put the infant into a wicker basket and place it in the front of the door. Dumby pulls out a letter and places it on the babes.
Minerva’s a wreck, “Wth dude, you just can’t leave this babes with these muggles..I’ve seen the way they act the entire day. They are the worst kind of muggles.” Dumby whispers into Haggy’s ears, “Guess who’s on her period *eye roll*”
“There won’t be a single child in our world, who won’t know his name” Dumby seems to be crashing. Alby goes like, “Bros & Hoes, lets split. It’s time to get hammered cause Voldy is mouldy now”
End Of  Chapter One

The Manganiyar Classroom


This teacher has it all figured out
There is only right and wrong
No shades of grey
One syllabus to rule them all

The mellow sunrise
With colours dancing between yellow and orange
Seems muffled and grey
From a classroom window

Skipping stones
Bouncing marbles
Drumming on pots
Drumming on buckets

They say,
That the teacher learns more from the students..
Then why don’t the students lead the class?

This melody that he’s drank
Runs in his veins all day.
And every morning,
A new melody runs.

The melody blinds his eye,
As he enters class
And shall be with him when he leaves,
The day’s studies already forgotten.

Memorizing lines,
Inking notebooks,
Drumming on desks
Drumming on desks

The afternoon sun
With dancing sun rays and brightness
Seems inviting and warm
When leaving the class

Running out as soon as the bell rings
Jumping with his friends,
It’s a long journey home for him
And he has a long song for the road.

A Boy And Her Flute


On top of a hill
A boy plays a flute

Amongst the overgrown plants
His melodies lost to the hungry jungle

Stamping his feet
Making a hypnotic rhythm

His breath quivers
As the day draws to an end

Night comes, a blanket over the hill
The boy plays a lullaby on the flute

Dawn approaches, luminescence
The boy plays to the bird’s chirps

The boy plays the only song he knows
The song she used to hum

The flute his beloved gave him
Carved with her own hands

But she is gone
And his flute keeps him company

Dusk scatters across the sky, again
The boy knows he wont last the night

He plays the flute
His farewell to this life

Witnessing the sunlight mingled with stars
He sheds a tear

As the birds begin to chirp their morning symphonies
And he’s passing into the void

He finally feels the universe in motion around him.