A Boy And Her Flute


On top of a hill
A boy plays a flute

Amongst the overgrown plants
His melodies lost to the hungry jungle

Stamping his feet
Making a hypnotic rhythm

His breath quivers
As the day draws to an end

Night comes, a blanket over the hill
The boy plays a lullaby on the flute

Dawn approaches, luminescence
The boy plays to the bird’s chirps

The boy plays the only song he knows
The song she used to hum

The flute his beloved gave him
Carved with her own hands

But she is gone
And his flute keeps him company

Dusk scatters across the sky, again
The boy knows he wont last the night

He plays the flute
His farewell to this life

Witnessing the sunlight mingled with stars
He sheds a tear

As the birds begin to chirp their morning symphonies
And he’s passing into the void

He finally feels the universe in motion around him.


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