The Manganiyar Classroom


This teacher has it all figured out
There is only right and wrong
No shades of grey
One syllabus to rule them all

The mellow sunrise
With colours dancing between yellow and orange
Seems muffled and grey
From a classroom window

Skipping stones
Bouncing marbles
Drumming on pots
Drumming on buckets

They say,
That the teacher learns more from the students..
Then why don’t the students lead the class?

This melody that he’s drank
Runs in his veins all day.
And every morning,
A new melody runs.

The melody blinds his eye,
As he enters class
And shall be with him when he leaves,
The day’s studies already forgotten.

Memorizing lines,
Inking notebooks,
Drumming on desks
Drumming on desks

The afternoon sun
With dancing sun rays and brightness
Seems inviting and warm
When leaving the class

Running out as soon as the bell rings
Jumping with his friends,
It’s a long journey home for him
And he has a long song for the road.


2 comments on “The Manganiyar Classroom

  1. Cat says:

    Really good 🙂

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