What is this feeling?
Which surprises me so
I don’t feel the same
And I’m different from before

Taking it slow
Is all I ever did
I’ve seen the other side
And I’m never going back

I took the plunge
I wrestled with the bears
I stood upon the peak
I howled with the wolves

Who am I?
I’m not the same
And never will be
Cause I’ve seen the other side

I’ve seen the mystic cosmos
I’ve driven away the demons
I’ve ignited the light
I’ve met myself

I’m always changing
Running along the boundaries of my consciousness
I realise I’ll never reach the other side
And I’m fine with that

This breath I inhale
Changes me beyond recognition
In ways nobody will understand
And I’m fine with that

It’s funny
How life tends to slow down
And speed up
At it’s whims

It’s funny
How I have nothing to complain about
Yet sadness stalks
Just around the corner

The afterlife, as I imagine
Is similar to this tunnel
On a highway
That I’m entering

It amazes me
It makes me wonder
It makes me feel in awe

But, I feel
Like I’ve been here before
I’ve passed through here
Numerous times

Though it comforts me
And silences me
I know I cannot stay
For I do not belong here….yet

Rushing towards the other end
Heading out
I enter the highway again
I enter another path

I await my final tunnel, though
A tunnel which never ends

And I shall fly



Whispering Wind


Enveloping in sound
It’s texture skims my hand
Swimming in blurred regions
I break the surface

I break the tension
Serenity is anywhere I look
As well as solitude
Foam brushes against my soul

Why do we need to be
That which we aren’t?
Lying back, I surrender
To my soul

The harsh winds on my face
Rush to greet me
My old friend
From origins unknown

Hugging the world
And feeling it’s happiness flow through me
I take a deep breath
And contemplate what I feel

And contemplate what I’ve always known
But never actually said out loud
Never actually believed in
But I feel it now

I feel it to be true
I can’t escape from this knowledge
It bounds me
It changes me

It gives me serenity
For now I know
And so do you
Cause you are me, and I am you

God and I
Are old friends
One day I shall greet him
Yet again

The wind messes up my hair
And blows my things away
But I do not care…
Cause it envelops me

I take a deep breath
And lose myself to the wind’s whispers.

Are You Watching Closely?


What are you reduced to?
A shadow
A shade
A mirage

You make me run behind you
Through twisting vines and roots
Soft footsteps guiding my way
In big circles you make me run


Enticing me
Teasing me after her
It matters not where she lead me
For she is what truly matter

Diving into a sparkling pool
I follow her to the depths
Swimming into the arms of tranquility
I follow her to the depths


Into the stars I fly
After her
Ready to chase her to the ends of this world
Who is she?


My eyes rest upon her.
Her beauty is of another kind
She is mine.

I am her, she is me
And in that moment, I knew
We were divine.



A spotlight following her
As those tiny hands
Move towards the music
In the darkness

Closed eyes 
Open mouth
Eating the sunlight 
Guided by warmth

Count the steps
One, two.. eight
Tracing the pasty walls
She finds her way

Rhymes are rhymed 
Tales are spun
The day is almost over
But she isn’t having fun

Her head hangs loose
She didn’t distract herself
She remembers it, again today

She remembers it every second
It’s how she sees the world
Not with her eyes, no
Not even with her fingers

She poses for a photograph 
And cracks a broad smile
Happiness is her choice 
And she is home

A spotlight is following her
As those tiny feet
Tap towards the music
In her heart