Whispering Wind


Enveloping in sound
It’s texture skims my hand
Swimming in blurred regions
I break the surface

I break the tension
Serenity is anywhere I look
As well as solitude
Foam brushes against my soul

Why do we need to be
That which we aren’t?
Lying back, I surrender
To my soul

The harsh winds on my face
Rush to greet me
My old friend
From origins unknown

Hugging the world
And feeling it’s happiness flow through me
I take a deep breath
And contemplate what I feel

And contemplate what I’ve always known
But never actually said out loud
Never actually believed in
But I feel it now

I feel it to be true
I can’t escape from this knowledge
It bounds me
It changes me

It gives me serenity
For now I know
And so do you
Cause you are me, and I am you

God and I
Are old friends
One day I shall greet him
Yet again

The wind messes up my hair
And blows my things away
But I do not care…
Cause it envelops me

I take a deep breath
And lose myself to the wind’s whispers.


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