A Journey

The alphabets are amongst the first few things we learn as children. Single letters combining with each other, and bringing comprehension to previously unlabelled things. Pretty remarkable how those ABCs we once learnt, used in various permutations would answer almost all our questions. Not all of them, though. What about the questions that we have no answer to? The big questions. The ones that keep us up at night, trying to answer. The ones which we shrug away from, for having already spent far too much time tinkering around with.
Are we too stupid to decipher the answers? I mean, they are simple questions. Simple enough to hear, but yet are unable to answer. What do you do when you ask yourself the meaning to your life, and find that you’re left mute?
Surely the answer must be something expressed in words….or does it have to be? I believe the answer that we all are searching for, can be felt and understood. The answer can only be felt. It can’t be explained, or written down. Just felt. Our journey is a search for answers, a search for whatever brings us happiness. And maybe, just maybe…we’re looking at all the wrong places. You travel the world looking for answers, and come home to find it. Why? Cause it’s all in you. A journey waiting to be christened. A journey into yourself. The journey of self realisation. It’s time we all looked inside ourselves for a change. You never know what you might find. 



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