Forty Five


I press my face
Against the black mirror
In a bid to reach
The other side

What lies beyond the veil,
Beyond this window,
Is a place, where 45
Is more than just a number

It’s far from 3am
Yet, my fingers tap,

A bit closer
The void beckons.

The void demands.

The void requests?

It’s not even close to 3am
The voices in my head, scream

45 is far from insanity.
I find that a bit hard to digest

For what?

Nails leave
Deep scars
Into the surface

Each line bleeding
A different colour

Coherence went out the window
And yellow followed closely

Enough is enough.
I need to go there
I need to know the truth
About 45

I speak into the darkness
Whisper ever so softly
And watch in amazement
As my heart escapes into the veil

A silent scream
Escapes my lips.

A change of heart comes upon me,
And I put a stopper
On my anger

I sit quietly
Watch as all my dreams
Float into the abyss

I sit quietly
Awaiting my turn