I don’t wanna die. I don’t wanna die.

Everything is so easy
we might as well just shrug
our shoulders and touch flesh
to steel.

Pink meets black and
everything is blessed.
And the stains upon the hands
will disappear if you squeeze
your eyes shut. And think really hard.

Free the mind. Let the balloon float
And we can try to be somebody,
we agree ourselves with.
Cause I don’t wanna die

I believe in us
I belive we can get another chance,
we promise we’ll try harder.
This time there’ll be no fuck ups.
Just forgive us, just let us live.

Maybe curled up fists, diving into
seas of gore and apathy,
could help explain
if you just gave us some more time.
Cause all we need are more lies we can tell ourselves.

The ones we tell ourselves, have grown feet of their own, and curly mustaches.
Quite frankly, they’re hard to keep track
of, so we need to start over.

Swirling pools of hair strands and
remnants of grey walls is all we have.
So let us help find ourselves. Let us be besides each other, after the aftermath.
And I’ve really tried to make it easy,
I can’t belive how far we’ve come,
So baby, I might
Turn off the daylight
If you try, to shut your eyes
And see. Really see.
Cause we’re all outta luck
All outta time

And I really don’t wanna die.