I’ve been thinking about it

And even though I’m not really square

I fit into a box

All of me, does.


Packaged neatly

With attractive labels

And artwork

Different and obscure


All boxes are the same



But, oh so convenient 

And every day 

I seek a new, shiny label

An ironic stamp

To decorate my box

Cause my box

Is mine

And that’s me

And nobody else’s

You think they all look the same?
Look again

See, mine’s got all these cool stickers

That the other boxes haven’t found, yet…


I am what I am

And nobody else can be me

Well, unless they get all the cool stuff

That I have on my box


No need to worry, though

I’m leaving my box today 

Not cause I don’t want to fit in like everyone else

It’s cause I don’t know why I was in one


In the first place


2 comments on “Boxes

  1. Very nice! As soon as someone thinks they got you figured out (boxed), let em know they don’t know shit!

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