​So many lives ruined

But, yet again, it happened


He lived his life

In a way

That made me believe

There was something inside him


He needed to kill


He lived his life

In a way

That made me believe

Everything was a story


Breathe in

Breathe out


The lamp is filled

With the midnight oil

And oh, how slowly it burns 


The mornings are made

To fight mountains

That stand in your way


A smile reveals

Stained teeth

A trophy to treasure


A quirk amongst many


Breathe in

Breathe out


Walls are made

To break away

For bones are made of rubble

Together they belong


Happiness surrounds you

For you are the source

And all that is left behind is



I feel the guilt

Course through my veins

Staining my skin a deep green


Breathe out.


Melting Sun

Through gutters and

Ditches, deep in the 



I see the remnants

Of something



It’s texture feels

Alien to my 



And it expels a shade

Of colour, unseen by my



The horizon glows

For the day is



And I weep

For I know the sun is



The melting sun

Makes a huge



And I don’t wanna go anywhere

I just wanna 



I wanna wait


All is dusk


Black and white

That’s when I 

See you


You’re beautiful to me


And I’m flawed
And complex

And oh, so mean


What I say could mean

More or less


But it never mattered, anyway

I feel like I know you

Like I’ve known you


That song you play on repeat

All day

I’ve heard it before


Maybe, in another life


You lit one

And I lit another

Talk talks that never happened


Black and white

That’s how I

See you


Your eyes twinkle brighter

Than any star in the night


And I dream of you


​I witnessed a lifetime

Pass by

With the trail of the smoke


Plenty more choices

I’ve chosen them all


This place that I have 

Reached today

Is a sum of my 

Misplaced choices


The sun is far too bright

And the cats don’t meow

As much


Everyday passes by

But I don’t feel anything

No affection


I work too hard

For things I don’t want


And I work too little,

Living a life devoid of surprise


I live a life

An incomplete poem

Dreaming of you


A cursed life

With witches and stews

Boiling pots and herbs


I live a life

Where I fall for a shade

A mirage of yours


I regret it


But one day


The stars align 


All my choices

Lead to you

And that’s where I belong


The rains came
Waves stirred hungrily

Towards the starving bay
The clouds came

Painted the city

Into shades of blue and grey
A beggar came

An impoverished child

Happy to pose for all the pictures in the world
I asked him

“Show me where you live?”

He stretched his hands to the sky

And plopped on the ground
He smiled the biggest grin

I had ever seen
His heart was broken 

Tattered into rubble

Very much like the pavement

Upon which it fell
I didn’t have to ask him


I knew

All you had to do
Was look into his eyes.

‘The city glitters at night”

He proclaimed
As we both glanced 

Beyond the horizon
Towards our future 

And the rising tide.



Words speak

What the soul hides

And the soul hides

Behind my eyes


It sees all

Drinking it all in

Feelings left unsaid

Thoughts left un-thought


Just a day ago

All I wanted to do was nothing

And all I ever wanted was a slice

Of that beautiful reality


But I’m hungry for cake

I crave for a pie

I crave for Pi

I crave for transcendence


I have a choice to make

And another tomorrow

Maybe two more, the day

After that


But what if I sit here

And wait

Scared out of my wits

Of regret


Regret is scary

He’s big, he’s soul crushing

He cripples hope

By just existing


This too shall pass

This everlasting night

Shall turn warm,

Bright, with colours


And maybe then 

I’ll be happy again

And maybe then

I’ll be warm again