Take a sip

Sit down

And talk to me.


I’ll listen

I’ll listen till the night is dead

And the cows have come home.


Pour another glass

And pour your heart out to me

Cause we have nowhere to go


The stars shine bright

And the darkness is still


It’s just you and me.


One more sip,

You’ll tell me things

That you’ve only told yourself 


The night listens

Devours our little talks

Into it’s abyss


We laugh

At our hopelessness

In understanding our 



Cause theres nothing 

We can do

Or want to do

Besides talk


You talk

And say the purest thing

You’ve ever thought


I talk

Revealing my deepest,

Darkest fear


We go ahead & pour another glass

For the night isn’t dead yet

And there’s so much more 

To say 


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