Words speak

What the soul hides

And the soul hides

Behind my eyes


It sees all

Drinking it all in

Feelings left unsaid

Thoughts left un-thought


Just a day ago

All I wanted to do was nothing

And all I ever wanted was a slice

Of that beautiful reality


But I’m hungry for cake

I crave for a pie

I crave for Pi

I crave for transcendence


I have a choice to make

And another tomorrow

Maybe two more, the day

After that


But what if I sit here

And wait

Scared out of my wits

Of regret


Regret is scary

He’s big, he’s soul crushing

He cripples hope

By just existing


This too shall pass

This everlasting night

Shall turn warm,

Bright, with colours


And maybe then 

I’ll be happy again

And maybe then

I’ll be warm again


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