My Hands

My hands

Are stained

By your deep colour


My hands

They burn

From the flames that glow in you


My hands

Are healed

By the foaming waves that twist and turn in your belly


My hands

Are damp

When they slip around on your palms


My hands

Are restless

So they tip toe upon your naked bossom


My hands

They itch

To draw something new upon your canvas


My hands 

Are battered

Fresh against your war torn fists


My hands

Are curious

They ask questions to the answers they think they already know


Your hands

Are open

Patiently spilling out thought after thought 


My hands 

Were forgotten

Discarded like a book that has been read too much


My hands 

Aren’t my hands any anymore

They ceased to bring out the beauty of the moon anymore


My hands 

Have broken their silence

For in the space between us


They have found a new home


Time Eater

​Twisting and turning

In my sleep

While the ghost of my memories

Hold me down and don’t let go of me


They sing ballads of the past

And the future


         Judge everything 

                                            I do

Marble is softer

Than the most honest embraces

And the the truth serenades lullabies

That I choose to ignore


Promises that I’ve made to myself

Would have been followed

If only I spoke them out aloud


The same mistakes

Would have been avoided

If only I could scatter away the remnants of my past


Truth’s perception has been corroded

It’s been called a bitter pill to swallow

It has been said to sting the ears


But truth 

Is the sweetest of concoctions 

Its beautiful honesty will make you blush

Its genuine talks will move you


I know this

Yet I do nothing


I eat time

And I devour souls

Till my hunger is satiated 

And all that is left in my mouth is ash

We Exist

Today is the tomorrow we were promised yesterday

Today has come and gone

And our inability to stand up against unrighteousness 

Has been taken advantage of


We’re to blame

If we silently watch

Atrocities being acted out

And don’t speak up


So speak up.


We will disappear

Into nothing

But the words we speak

Will rage on for eons


So say something beautiful

And change the world we live in


We won’t be

We can’t be


And we won’t go quietly 


Let the walls

Shudder from our chants

When we come together and proclaim

‘We exist’


Let the wolves of the midnight hour

Howl in unison

As our chant grows louder

‘We exist’


Let the foaming seas

Change the course of their tides

As we fill the air with our chants

We exist