We Exist

Today is the tomorrow we were promised yesterday

Today has come and gone

And our inability to stand up against unrighteousness 

Has been taken advantage of


We’re to blame

If we silently watch

Atrocities being acted out

And don’t speak up


So speak up.


We will disappear

Into nothing

But the words we speak

Will rage on for eons


So say something beautiful

And change the world we live in


We won’t be

We can’t be


And we won’t go quietly 


Let the walls

Shudder from our chants

When we come together and proclaim

‘We exist’


Let the wolves of the midnight hour

Howl in unison

As our chant grows louder

‘We exist’


Let the foaming seas

Change the course of their tides

As we fill the air with our chants

We exist


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