So I put a stopper to my tongue 

Cause I feel if I say too much,

If I address all the bees in my head
They would be real.
So I put a stopper on my brain

And pray to God that, the thoughts are kept at bay

Cause I’d rather take the thrashing waves,
Than the storm.
So when I say,

Whatever I say

I don’t mean it, lightly
For when I say

I want to memorize all the embraces, you gift me

Remember the way you look at me,


And call me names.

I don’t mean it lightly
If I say

That I love how your skin brushes against mine

The way you slyly grin at me, for thinking you’re a clever motherfucker

I don’t mean it lightly
If I mention 

How the infernal mountains, pale in comparison to your beauty

How I love when your soul brushes against mine

I don’t mean it lightly
When I say

You bring along the musty rains 

And drench me to the skin

Please, don’t take it lightly
So, if I say, 

All these things, and not

I promise, I don’t mean it lightly.



at a turning point

My mind seeks success

And I miss
the light at home
The light at the diwali morning treks
The light at the last period before Vande Mataram

And I miss
the light in people

The unstoppable light

And I see
that it isn’t what you study
it is how you study it
– all knowledgable is valuable –

What have I done here?
What am I here for?

Why do I think of this so often?

I miss

I miss

Everyday now
Beyond homesickness
Beyond the food

I miss home in every sense of it

Because I know now,
where I want to be

And my heart seeks home

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Synchronous Bloom

​Your body

Is my pilgrimage 

Of worship


A place

Where my hands reach to

Offer absolutions


I use my silvery tongue

To get you around the bend

And tell you that your flesh 


Blesses mine, with a stain

That’s more than just skin deep


So I press my heart against yours

Waiting for the two drums

To beat as one


I press my mouth against yours

And eat the words 

That died upon your lips


My mouth traces

Every inch of your skin and bones

Until my hunger is satiated


A sliver of the midnight moon

Bathes us while we

Tangle ourselves deeper into one another


Every heavy breath, a sonnet

Every bite, an ode

Every moan, those three tired words


The air is heavy

With the scent of old perfume

While our two bodies talk


The burden on my hands, absolves

The stars in the sky, dissolves

And the argument our bodies have, resolves

As we bloom synchronously

When Everything Was New

​Thoughts will slide

Up and down

Much like a kid on

A playground for the first time


The exhilaration

Of the first swing 

Is second to none


And you just hope

To god that the

Second swing

Will be as good as the first 




Nor is the third


Or the fourth


It can never be


And that’s childhood.

The bliss of ignorance,

The blessing of innocence 


One moment it fills you up

The next, it dies

With all the knowledge

You possess


For the wind

Will bring along with itself

The scent of nostalgia

That you can taste so well


Upon the tip of your tongue


But like all bites

The taste, so sweet and so bitter

Dies in your mouth

Begging you for more


And second servings 

Are more expensive

Than you’re willing to pay


So sit there

And reminisce

About the times 

When everything was new


The war hasn’t started yet

Wait in the graveyard

Count the tombstones

Wait for the war


Wait to be thrown into

The trenches

Along with all those lost souls

And hold your fire


Until you can call out her name


And maybe

She’ll hear you through the crossfire

And maybe

She’ll feel the vibrations through her bones


So let the sun set

And wait for the smoke to clear

Cause in the end

You’re the one who has to live with yourself


Not your parents

Not your lover

Not your pets


You. You have to live

With the remnants

Of your being

At the end of this thing we call


Our existence.