of flowers, shrikhand & custard apple

At a turning point

our emotions are the beacon of our originality

if we work whilst
keeping our emotions
true to ourselves

or keeping ourselves
true to our emotions, rather

crying when sad
laughing when happy
or crying when happy, laughing when sad

we can’t be calculative and original at the same time
2+2=4; but if we keep attempting to create that equation
if we strive for perfection
we aren’t being
true to the one aspect
that makes us different from others

difference, not the calculative aim of being an extraordinaire
makes us extraordinary

because my emotions are mine
your emotions are yours

our emotions
are the beacon of our

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It's been a while since I've posted anything on my blog. Sorry to disappoint, but I've been working on producing music these past few weeks. It's been very challenging and rewarding at the same time. Here's the link to one of the song's I've made; https://soundcloud.com/arjun-chopra/song-on-the-beach-by-arcade-fire-midnight-hobo-rework


At a turning point

My mind seeks success

And I miss
the light at home
The light at the diwali morning treks
The light at the last period before Vande Mataram

And I miss
the light in people

The unstoppable light

And I see
that it isn’t what you study
it is how you study it
– all knowledgable is valuable –

What have I done here?
What am I here for?

Why do I think of this so often?

I miss

I miss

Everyday now
Beyond homesickness
Beyond the food

I miss home in every sense of it

Because I know now,
where I want to be

And my heart seeks home

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