at a turning point

My mind seeks success

And I miss
the light at home
The light at the diwali morning treks
The light at the last period before Vande Mataram

And I miss
the light in people

The unstoppable light

And I see
that it isn’t what you study
it is how you study it
– all knowledgable is valuable –

What have I done here?
What am I here for?

Why do I think of this so often?

I miss

I miss

Everyday now
Beyond homesickness
Beyond the food

I miss home in every sense of it

Because I know now,
where I want to be

And my heart seeks home

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Time Eater

​Twisting and turning

In my sleep

While the ghost of my memories

Hold me down and don’t let go of me


They sing ballads of the past

And the future


         Judge everything 

                                            I do

Marble is softer

Than the most honest embraces

And the the truth serenades lullabies

That I choose to ignore


Promises that I’ve made to myself

Would have been followed

If only I spoke them out aloud


The same mistakes

Would have been avoided

If only I could scatter away the remnants of my past


Truth’s perception has been corroded

It’s been called a bitter pill to swallow

It has been said to sting the ears


But truth 

Is the sweetest of concoctions 

Its beautiful honesty will make you blush

Its genuine talks will move you


I know this

Yet I do nothing


I eat time

And I devour souls

Till my hunger is satiated 

And all that is left in my mouth is ash



The flick of an arrow
Snuffs the touch of flame


And I watch
Do nothing

But watch

Fists shatter against concrete
Pipes embrace flesh


Back to the start
Dripping sideways


I watch helplessly.

Do nothing

Absolutely nothing

But watch
As time plays muse

Telling things unknown


Change has come
It’s not here to stay

For change, changes

It won’t be the same

Cause time

Chases me..chases me..chases me

Through the undergrowth
Below the sparkling river

High above the midnight clouds

The way to me

Is hard to find

For this moment. Right now
I am evolving



This night is dark
It leaves a pain in my chest
Fireflies flutter around
Brightening their own lives

Without them realizing

My words will forever
Be lost in the wind
But what I feel in my heart
The dreams I’ve dreamt

They are yours, and yours forever

My hands in my pocket
Would forever be around you
If they could
But you need not worry, my love

For you’re forever my firefly



A scintillating wave

Leads you to directions unknown

The path guided

By stars sparkling in the sky


Blots of ink

Of different colors

Paint your heart

Into shades of peach


The healing water

Empties your soul

You know where you’re headed

You’ve found yourself


Amidst all the distractions

All the sand

You let go of the rope

The one you’ve been holding all your life


You have found yourself.