Synchronous Bloom

​Your body

Is my pilgrimage 

Of worship


A place

Where my hands reach to

Offer absolutions


I use my silvery tongue

To get you around the bend

And tell you that your flesh 


Blesses mine, with a stain

That’s more than just skin deep


So I press my heart against yours

Waiting for the two drums

To beat as one


I press my mouth against yours

And eat the words 

That died upon your lips


My mouth traces

Every inch of your skin and bones

Until my hunger is satiated


A sliver of the midnight moon

Bathes us while we

Tangle ourselves deeper into one another


Every heavy breath, a sonnet

Every bite, an ode

Every moan, those three tired words


The air is heavy

With the scent of old perfume

While our two bodies talk


The burden on my hands, absolves

The stars in the sky, dissolves

And the argument our bodies have, resolves

As we bloom synchronously


Veins of Teal

Once there was a girl

With hair that flowed

Like the teal river of zeelandia


The valley of unrest 

Is where she goes

For the silence is a blessing

And solitude she seeks


The forest calls out to her

Echos words not discernable

To none, save the ones paying heed


She listens, but pays no heed

And spends her travel decrypting

The songs of the forest


For she too wants to dance 

In the moonlight like the flowers

She too wants to shine like the water

Under the gaze of the stars, which lead her on


Her limbs are coated in a sheen of sweat

And dust 

A testament to the distance she’s covered


The valley

Stretches out to the horizon itself

And she gazes over it hungrily

She has arrived


The valley is still

Where time appears to have stopped

And the wind doesn’t thow her tresses into a mess


A pool of water

Its shade deepest of blues

Is where she washes her weary limbs

And tired mind


Her tiny feet

Walk past trees

That seem to move without any sound


Her dusty hands

Clutch rock after rock

In her pursuit to climb 

To the top of the cliff


She arises amongst clouds

And cautiously walks to the edge

Of the highest peak of the valley


A bunch of lillies adorn a rock

Covered in veins of moss

She bends forward, and breathes in deep

And fills her lungs with the scent of ol’ perfume


She sighs


A sigh


Which echos




The valley


Drumming her hands against her thighs

While bobbing her head

She sings softly into the valley

Where no other sound is heard


Once there was a girl

Who sung the songs of the forest

Whose meaning eluded her no more


Black and white

That’s when I 

See you


You’re beautiful to me


And I’m flawed
And complex

And oh, so mean


What I say could mean

More or less


But it never mattered, anyway

I feel like I know you

Like I’ve known you


That song you play on repeat

All day

I’ve heard it before


Maybe, in another life


You lit one

And I lit another

Talk talks that never happened


Black and white

That’s how I

See you


Your eyes twinkle brighter

Than any star in the night


And I dream of you

Are You Watching Closely?


What are you reduced to?
A shadow
A shade
A mirage

You make me run behind you
Through twisting vines and roots
Soft footsteps guiding my way
In big circles you make me run


Enticing me
Teasing me after her
It matters not where she lead me
For she is what truly matter

Diving into a sparkling pool
I follow her to the depths
Swimming into the arms of tranquility
I follow her to the depths


Into the stars I fly
After her
Ready to chase her to the ends of this world
Who is she?


My eyes rest upon her.
Her beauty is of another kind
She is mine.

I am her, she is me
And in that moment, I knew
We were divine.