Veins of Teal

Once there was a girl

With hair that flowed

Like the teal river of zeelandia


The valley of unrest 

Is where she goes

For the silence is a blessing

And solitude she seeks


The forest calls out to her

Echos words not discernable

To none, save the ones paying heed


She listens, but pays no heed

And spends her travel decrypting

The songs of the forest


For she too wants to dance 

In the moonlight like the flowers

She too wants to shine like the water

Under the gaze of the stars, which lead her on


Her limbs are coated in a sheen of sweat

And dust 

A testament to the distance she’s covered


The valley

Stretches out to the horizon itself

And she gazes over it hungrily

She has arrived


The valley is still

Where time appears to have stopped

And the wind doesn’t thow her tresses into a mess


A pool of water

Its shade deepest of blues

Is where she washes her weary limbs

And tired mind


Her tiny feet

Walk past trees

That seem to move without any sound


Her dusty hands

Clutch rock after rock

In her pursuit to climb 

To the top of the cliff


She arises amongst clouds

And cautiously walks to the edge

Of the highest peak of the valley


A bunch of lillies adorn a rock

Covered in veins of moss

She bends forward, and breathes in deep

And fills her lungs with the scent of ol’ perfume


She sighs


A sigh


Which echos




The valley


Drumming her hands against her thighs

While bobbing her head

She sings softly into the valley

Where no other sound is heard


Once there was a girl

Who sung the songs of the forest

Whose meaning eluded her no more


Away Away She Flies

Away away she flies

Atop the ship’s mast

Singing away her sorrow

Her words lost in the wind


Her tears glisten

In the moonlight

Her heart years

For her motherland


Waves crash upon the shore

Bathing the rocks with foam

A gale of wind, from the west

Blows away a young man’s hat


She keeps an eye upon the horizon

A single cloud adorns it

The smell of sea salt,

And fishes fresh


The ship sails away

But she has eyes only for one

She searches but sees naught

She longs for him


Tears adorn her face

Her spirit remains maimed

But her eyes shine brighter

Than any star ever would


Humming deeply

She turns her back against the shore

Her tiny hands, clap softly

To the rhythm of the sea


Away away she flies

Atop the ship’s mast

Singing away her spirit

Her words carried by the wind



Words speak

What the soul hides

And the soul hides

Behind my eyes


It sees all

Drinking it all in

Feelings left unsaid

Thoughts left un-thought


Just a day ago

All I wanted to do was nothing

And all I ever wanted was a slice

Of that beautiful reality


But I’m hungry for cake

I crave for a pie

I crave for Pi

I crave for transcendence


I have a choice to make

And another tomorrow

Maybe two more, the day

After that


But what if I sit here

And wait

Scared out of my wits

Of regret


Regret is scary

He’s big, he’s soul crushing

He cripples hope

By just existing


This too shall pass

This everlasting night

Shall turn warm,

Bright, with colours


And maybe then 

I’ll be happy again

And maybe then

I’ll be warm again

A Boy And Her Flute


On top of a hill
A boy plays a flute

Amongst the overgrown plants
His melodies lost to the hungry jungle

Stamping his feet
Making a hypnotic rhythm

His breath quivers
As the day draws to an end

Night comes, a blanket over the hill
The boy plays a lullaby on the flute

Dawn approaches, luminescence
The boy plays to the bird’s chirps

The boy plays the only song he knows
The song she used to hum

The flute his beloved gave him
Carved with her own hands

But she is gone
And his flute keeps him company

Dusk scatters across the sky, again
The boy knows he wont last the night

He plays the flute
His farewell to this life

Witnessing the sunlight mingled with stars
He sheds a tear

As the birds begin to chirp their morning symphonies
And he’s passing into the void

He finally feels the universe in motion around him.



This photograph of yours
Is all I have
And it’s all I’ll ever want
For it is more than I bargained for

Like a deep sea diver
You’ve broken through the surface
Of my being.
The ripples won’t fade away

Our consciousness brushes against each other
It’s ethereal
Our gazes meet each other from across the room
It feels like we’re half a world away

It could have been a day at the beach
Or a midnight stroll
But for the life of me
I can’t remember

And it doesn’t bother me
For the memory of you
Is etched in my mind
And that’s all I need

This song the band played, when I met your gaze
Is all I have
And all I’ll ever want
For it’s much more than I bargained for.