Away Away She Flies

Away away she flies

Atop the ship’s mast

Singing away her sorrow

Her words lost in the wind


Her tears glisten

In the moonlight

Her heart years

For her motherland


Waves crash upon the shore

Bathing the rocks with foam

A gale of wind, from the west

Blows away a young man’s hat


She keeps an eye upon the horizon

A single cloud adorns it

The smell of sea salt,

And fishes fresh


The ship sails away

But she has eyes only for one

She searches but sees naught

She longs for him


Tears adorn her face

Her spirit remains maimed

But her eyes shine brighter

Than any star ever would


Humming deeply

She turns her back against the shore

Her tiny hands, clap softly

To the rhythm of the sea


Away away she flies

Atop the ship’s mast

Singing away her spirit

Her words carried by the wind


Whispering Wind


Enveloping in sound
It’s texture skims my hand
Swimming in blurred regions
I break the surface

I break the tension
Serenity is anywhere I look
As well as solitude
Foam brushes against my soul

Why do we need to be
That which we aren’t?
Lying back, I surrender
To my soul

The harsh winds on my face
Rush to greet me
My old friend
From origins unknown

Hugging the world
And feeling it’s happiness flow through me
I take a deep breath
And contemplate what I feel

And contemplate what I’ve always known
But never actually said out loud
Never actually believed in
But I feel it now

I feel it to be true
I can’t escape from this knowledge
It bounds me
It changes me

It gives me serenity
For now I know
And so do you
Cause you are me, and I am you

God and I
Are old friends
One day I shall greet him
Yet again

The wind messes up my hair
And blows my things away
But I do not care…
Cause it envelops me

I take a deep breath
And lose myself to the wind’s whispers.